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Preventing back pain in a desk based job

I treat many people in Brighton, Haywards Heath and Crowborough, East Sussex who sit at their desk for long hours each day and start getting aches and pains in their neck and back. Here is a question I was recently asked by a patient here at my osteopathic clinic in Brighton:

"I have a desk based job and sit about 8 hours each day. I have suffered with neck and lower back pain for many years and I’m wondering if sitting might be aggravating my back?"

Sitting related back pain is very common and much of the neck, shoulder and lower back pain I see in clinic is caused by sitting for long periods. The body needs to be moved - this allows for fresh blood and nutrients into your muscles so frequently standing up and moving around and taking micro breaks every 30 mins is vital.

Also check your computer screen is set to the correct height so you’re not looking either up or down at the screen but straight at it. The human head weighs on average 10kg and any slight angle forwards puts a huge strain on the muscles in your neck and upper back. A simple trick is to place a cushion behind your lower back which can help support you and therefore improve your posture.

If you have any further questions about your back then please do contact osteopath me on 0771 2221333.

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