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Your First Appointment 

At your first appointment a detailed medical case history will firstly be taken to discover as much about the history of your condition as possible. Please bring along the names of any medications that you may be taking. After the case history has been taken you may be requested to remove part of your clothing so that your posture and movements can be assessed. You may wish to bring shorts or a vest or other appropriate clothing.

Once the examination is complete I will discuss my findings and the treatment plan with you.


Treatment differs from one person to the next and will be tailored to your individual needs. Some people may prefer a gentle treatment while others prefer deep soft tissue work and manipulation. Techniques may include soft tissue, massage, stretching, articulation, and manipulation of the joints and the very gentle cranio-sacral technique to enhance the body's own healing mechanisms. Postural advice and stretching exercises may also be provided to help your recovery. The length of treatment depends upon your needs. The first consultation may take up to one hour while follow up consultations last for half an hour. 

My primary aim is to relieve your pain as quickly as possible and the amount of treatment required varies for each individual depending upon a number of factors including your age, the nature of your condition and the length of time you have been suffering. Most patients attend the clinic for a short course of treatment generally lasting between 4 and 6 sessions in order to address the underlying causes of their condition.


Many patients also choose to come for a maintenance treatment - similar to having an MOT on your car - in order to keep the body in as good a condition as possible. 

A Course of Treatment

After Treatment

Most patients feel a reduction in their symptoms after treatment. However, it is not unusual to feel a little stiff, particularly after your first session, for up to 48 hours after treatment as your body takes time to adapt to the changes that have been made during treatment.


I will advise you how best to manage your condition after treatment.

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